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Students learn at their own speed and capacity.

More focused and goal-oriented approach.

Help to build those essential skills students


CAP is designed to help students crack the SAT/ACT exams and find the best-fit college.


(Tutors from top Universities)

Classes offer every student fun and engaging way to learn.

Our SME's work with limited students to ensure personal attention.

A customized approach to focus on areas of improvement.

The robust testing method with a holistic approach.

CAP assists students to land in their dream college.

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(What makes us special?)

CAP provides an unparalleled admission and counseling service.

We focus on all-round development of students.

Expert assistance round-the-clock.

Updated course materials, personalized attention and empower students with self-belief.

Experts reveal strategies and skills to equip students for a bright future.

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(How do I deal with the stress?)

CAP ensures all students have their sights set firmly on their goals.

Helps to identify the right school for a student.

Our team emphasizes on excellent stress management techniques to combat difficult situations.

Creates a Strategic Admission Plan.

Builds essential skills of a student to carry on for their life.

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College Admission Plan (CAP) is meant for students who have their sight set on increasing the SAT/ACT scores using a completely holistic approach. We assist our students to receive admission into the coveted Ivy League colleges. And, that’s no small feat! How do we do it? CAP picks the highest achievers as instructors who provide excellent winning strategies to every student. Our online training sessions are comprehensive with complete attention-to-detail to every minor requirement. We treat every student uniquely. But, don’t take our word for it. Request for our 30-day free trial. Watch to know the CAP philosophy aimed at motivating and inspiring students in a stress-free environment.

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One of the most intensive and detailed curricula purely based on SAT Content.


CAP360 is the program that transforms the kid into an entrepreneur


CAP ensures all students have their sights set firmly on their goals.


CAP360 consists of modules as below running into various weeks empowering students at different grades.


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About CAP

CAP America, Inc. is the premier edutech company focusing on the all-round enrichment of kids.

One of the milestone of a student is to get into the dream school. CAP equips an individual with all those tips and tricks to get in to Ivy League colleges

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