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CAP360 is the program that transforms the kid into an entrepreneur, visionary and a future leader. The curriculum of CAP360 is derived from research and proven modules in different areas. CAP360 takes into consideration all aspects of engagements and in the process will be targeting future college admissions in a competitive way with a more focused and goal-oriented approach.


CAP360 consists of modules as below running into various weeks empowering students at different grades.



Training and competitions in:

Spell Champ

Math Champ

Crossword Puzzlers

Social Service and Leadership activities


Local Government


Local Radio

Idea Tank

Community Services

Field Trips

The entrepreneurship program is derived from the Government of Israelís pioneering initiative call Ė EFK, which is being regarded as one of the best programs in Entrepreneurship for kids.

In short, entrepreneurship combines teaching theoretical knowledge, having practical experience in developing projects, supporting and building self-esteem among students, and enjoying the process.