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CAP Application Boot Camp

The upcoming SAT season will require tremendous focus and preparation to ensure good grades. Those opting for the CAP Boot Camp sessions are already on the way to maximize preparation levels for high scores! Thereís so much in store with CAP Boot Camp.

The CAP Guarantee.

CAP Boot Camp sessions are devised by counselors who are experts in their chosen fields with perfect SAT scores. The Boot Camp aims to empower every student with the right aptitude and strategies required to appear for SAT. You get the expertise of our instructors, self-study materials, essay copies, diagnostic tests and more.


The CAP Guarantee

Customized admissions report with advice on choice of tutorials, enhancing academic positions, the path to secure admission to the most coveted colleges and more.

Includes standardized assessment measures

Expert guidance on the top high school contests and awards, exclusive activity sheets with tips and samples

Ample practice of SAT and ACT exams

Direct access to Application Boot Camp student membership sites with resources, updates, and latest tools.

Did you know? We have a 24X7 support via voice or video call for all enrolled students

5 days of Exciting Sessions!

Strategize in different ways to improve SAT scores

Learn to tackle multiple essay subjects

Find ways to increase your chances of acceptance letters

Learn smart skills to crack tough interviews

Daily sessions with specialists to boost your learning process

Seats are Limited. Enroll Here