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Students learn at their own speed and capacity. Every individual has their own strengths and areas of improvement. Even sometimes tutors find it challenging to bring everyone on to the same page and address every query within the given time. Because students grasp a few concepts really quick while needing extra support with little extra time to learn and excel in others.

The CAP team makes sure every student learns each concept thoroughly benefiting from our latest AI-based learning methodology. Our testing system is so robust and intelligent that it helps a student to focus on the areas one needs to improve and excel.

At CAP each second counts, not only subject and concepts are taught but also tips, tricks, and time management is emphasized for the overall development of a student. Join the program “SMARTSAT”, an intelligent, robust learning method. We challenge you to “Test our Tests” and "Benefit from the Best".


SMARTSAT is one of the most intensive and detailed curricula purely based on SAT Content.

A SAT format exam soon after the topic is completed to make the students understand their exact strengths and weakness.

Auto revision of topics is done as the tests are based on the present topic covered as well as the previous topic in ehich the student made mistakes.

One-One support with 24/7 assistance after the classes.

Unlimited access to PREP Tests.

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